Game as .jar. You will need Java.

I present EARTH, my entry for the Experimental Gameplay Project competition. This month’s theme was the so controversial “Art Game”.

You can grab it here and give it a try before reading the following. It should be a runnable jar file, so if you have a recent version of Java, it should start when opened. You control the ship with WASD/arrows and you can shoot with space.

With Earth I wanted to explore the concept of Space Invaders. The rationale behind this game is that given a ship that fires bullets and waves of extraterrestrials beings coming to Earth, what would a human do? What are your options? Can you even think of options when it looks like the fate of the entire planet lies in your hands? What happens when you do not shoot?

Art is supposed to convey a message whatever the medium. With this entry, I hope to show that not only games can be used to convey messages but also that games are a very powerful medium to create emotions: after all, the player is in charge. Their actions decide the fate of the game. And what could be more powerful than interactive art?

For the people that also tried “$TRADE$”, my previous game, you might notice that the music is the same. I started coding the game with the same framework and the music felt right from the beginning (and the timing is perfect, you’ll see by playing). I could not find a better music to suit this game. And of course there are no sound effects: it’s space after all.