Piping Trebuchet

Piping Trebuchet

Game as .jar. You will need Java.

The theme for this month’s Experimental Gameplay Project Competition was a simple “ASCII”. All graphics were supposed to be made of letters found in the ASCII table. I made “Piping Trebuchet”, a puzzle game based of the font “Trebuchet”.

You need to connect two letters by linking them with other letters. I know that it sounds weird, but if you launch the game, you’ll get the point very quickly. It gets hard (nintendo hard) after a few levels. I cannot get past level 10 without cheating… But I hope that puzzle lovers will find this interesting.

You should be able to launch the game just by clicking on the file.

After some comments on reddit, I uploaded a new version of the game that should be easier to play and easier to begin with. You can also “finish” the game. Good luck, though….