Brave Wing

Brave Wing

Game for Windows or Game for Mac or Game for Linux.

I wanted to know how far I could go in 6 hours, by making a “CheapClone”, the theme for this month’s Experimental Gameplay project. I always wanted to play “Tiny Wings”, but as Pierrec said (warning, article in French), the similarities with Nathan McCoy’s Wavespark are suspicious.

Here is my “CheapClone” of both, without playing any of TinyWings, I tried to make something nice.

Press any key to increase gravity, collect the white dots to increase your score.

Made in processing.

[EDIT] I’ve fixed a nasty bug where the game was playable only on the first playthrough. Hopefully now you should be able to retry after dying. Let’s consider this a 6 hour+alpha release.

I will surely come back to polish things up and everything, yet the idea of having this game “complete” in 6 hours is appealing. What I would have like to have (what I might add to the game): bgm/sound, a warning when the sun is about to set, a screen or two of back story, a system like the “sweet/ouch” mechanic of Wavespark to make the player target better landings, a terrain generation system that is not pure randomness, more eye-candy (or just “some” eye-candy) (never have enough eye-candy), clouds…