Game as .jar

A game for the Game Prototype Challenge v5. The themes were companion and rising. I decided after three days that the theme of Icarus was perfect for this challenge.

In Boreas & Notus (well, the game only uses Notus so far), you play as one of the Greek gods of the Wind. Icarus is collecting feathers to build his wings and asked for your help. By blowing hot wind at particular spots, you can help Icarus rise to the skies!

The prototype lacks a lot of features but then again it’s only two days worth of work. It took me too much to just think about the theme… Well, next time I’ll do better!

This jar file should work for everybody with a recent version of java. (If you have issues, you might be able to run the game by going through a terminal/shell to the directory where the file is stored and by running the following command.)

java -jar BoreasAndNotus.jar

Have fun and don’t forget to come back to give some feedback! Thanks in advance!

To play, you need to drag the mouse on the bottom half of the screen. This will create a flow of hot air that Icarus can use to jump higher or to float while descending. If you drag on the top half of the screen, you’ll call cold wind that slows down Icarus (Boreas). This has no use yet…