About xog.jp

My name is Alexis Andre and I make some games during my free time (well… I have to admit I might have coded at work once or twice). Since I am not able to draw, my games are not pretty. Yet I try to find a twist in any project I do. As a result, I tend to produce games that look bad, but have some interesting points in them. In Japanese, kuso-ge (with some imagination you can get to xog.jp).

Wikipedia tells us that “he word kuso-ge is a portmanteau of kuso and gēmu (ゲーム,game), which means, quite literally, “shitty games.” The introduction of such a category originally was to teach gamers how to appreciate and enjoy a game of poor quality—such as appreciating the games’ outrageous flaws instead of becoming frustrated by them.” That isn’t false.

The main xog.jp logo was designed by one of my fellows xo-game developper, Negishi-san.